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noviembre 16, 2016

It´s the day the holiday shopping season start in the United States. It starts just one day after Thanksgiving wich americans celebrate every fourth Thursday in November. It is a day of great discounts both retail stores and large stores and shopping centers, It is a festival that began in the United States but has spread to countries as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica among others. The term Black Friday began to be coined in Philadelphia around the year 1.961 and referred to the great flow of heavy traffic that crowded the streets. The term became popular in other states and became general in 1.975.
 Spain has been a country where this celebration has promoted, Apple in the year 2.010 decided to promote this celebration in the iberian country.
There is another version for the black friday that says that the term arose when due to the big sales, the numbers went from the red to black.
However this celebration has been criticized who assuse that this celebration is consumerist and that generates compulsive purchase and later indebtedness.